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We're raising money for the eShorts Partners fundraiser led by Zyon Butler of Aurora, IL


Hi there! We're eShorts Partners. A crew responsible for a webtoon created by creator/animator, Zyon.

We'd like to keep our cartoon going and use its profits to improve the quality of our shows. Currently it'd take everything the show makes just to keep it running and we'd like the power to do more.

What I'm Raising Money For

Create 20 full Zyontoons episodes (zyonsodes) and 2 mini-zyonsodes for the Zyontoons YouTube channel over the next few years. The extra money will go to a Zyontoons DVD and other shows.

Why You Should Give

we're asking for your help to keep food on the table for our crew so our show can make as much money for charity as possible. Well hopefully after years worth of funding we'll be able to both run the show off its profits and make sizable donations to charity. If not.. We'll see you here again!

Give Now

Fundraising Goal: $15,000

This fundraiser will end in 74 days on February 1st, 2018
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Sponsorship Levels

  • Give $10K - Digital Goodie Bag + Link for the Series premiere.


    A Surprise Gift


    Ticket or Invite


    A Big Thank You

    You get access to a zipped folder containing sound bytes, Scrapped content, storyboards and a link to the International premiere.

  • Give $100 - Digital Poster


    A Nice Photo


    A Big Thank You

    A small donator-exclusive Zyontoons poster signed by Zyon.(This includes access to the private discord server, Be in Zyontoons, personal thanks and shoutout.)

  • Give $99 - Be in Zyontoons! + Private Discord Server


    A Nice Photo


    Email Update


    A Big Thank You

  • Give $50 - Personal Thanks + Shoutout


    A Shoutout


    A Big Thank You

    A personal thank you video from Zyon. We'll upload it to a new YouTube channel or we'll give it to you to upload to yours! A drawing of you will appear at the end of episodes.

  • Give $30 - Being Awesome!


    A Big Thank You

    Just the good feeling you get from helping us out. You won't find a better price for 'awesome' on the web. You also get your name on a list of supporters at the end of videos.

  • Give $25 - Being Cool


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