Young Entrepreneur Fundraising Ideas

Young Entrepreneur Fundraiser Examples

  • Team Awesome fundraiser Team Awesome Raised $1,130
  • Chicago Girls in Computing fundraiser Chicago Girls in Computing Raised $5,720
  • 1. Tell your story.

    People give from the heart, not the head. Share why you care about your cause, and your supporters will too. Make a video that shows how much this project means to you. Making a video can more than double the amount of money raised.

  • 2. Remind and repeat.

    On average someone must see something 7 times before they act on it. Use the power of email and social media (Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn too) to remind your friends a family about you campaignat least 7 times! It takes a bit of persistence, but its totally worth it.

  • 3. Offer unique sponsorship rewards, like posting your supporters names on your website, or giving a chance to win a copy of your creation.


  • 4. Say thanks.

    After someone donates, say thank you on Facebook or Twitter, and tag his or her name. This will make your donors feel awesome, and encourage others to give.

I enjoyed using PiggyBackr, it was easier to use, simple to understand, and very straight to the point. The features helped me to better communicate with the people that I wanted to support my endeavors. Previous fundraisers don't go so well because we usually end up doing something along the lines of a bake sale or car wash, which doesn't bring in a lot of money. With Piggybackr, I was able to tell the people I was contacting why I was raising this money, what it goes to, and how it would help. I found that to be better because then people would understand what we are trying to do. - Danielle High Tech High Robotics Team

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