Why Piggybackr?

  • Easy


    Get up and running in minutes. No experience necessary.

  • Motivating


    Motivating points and badges make it fun to fundraise as a team.

  • Effective


    Reach more supporters in less time. Piggybackr donations average $76.

  • Safe


    Secure payments and child safety features.

1. Our Users Love us

  • “We raised more money with this year’s Piggybackr site than we did in our past two years of student-led fundraising.”

    David Brinza
    FIRST Robotics Coach

  • “I don’t think we would have been able to do this on this large scale without Piggybackr. It really gave us a cohesive way to motivate all our team members.”

    Sarah Tulga
    Society of Women in Science

  • Dear-piggybackr-letter

    “Dear Piggybackr, I can’t keep this feeling inside anymore. I have a big crush on you...”

    Alice Wilder
    SPARK Movement

2. Bring Your Fundraiser to Life

  • Piggybackr-page-element-blog-updates

    Public blog posts update supporters on your fundraiser’s progress.

  • Piggybackr-page-element-effort-points

    Team members earn points and badges for fundraising activity.

  • Piggybackr-page-element-sponsorship-tiers

    No product selling required. Offer donors unique sponsorship perks.

  • Piggybackr-page-element-task-list

    Dynamic task list walks team members through the fundraising process.

3. Motivate Your Team

Send text and email updates to team members.


Foster friendly competition with activity rankings.

Sounds easy, right? Give it a try. Get Started