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We're raising money for the Whitney High School Robotics Club fundraiser led by Saatchi Patell of Cerritos, CA


Hi! We're a student-run, student-funded, robotics club at Whitney High School in southern California. We compete in international robotics competitions (FIRST and VEX) and run many youth programs in our community.

What I'm Raising Money For

We are raising money to buy supplies and provide scholarships for our summer RoboCamp, a student-organized program in which club members teach K-12 students about designing, building, and programming robots (FLL, VEX, and FTC). The program ends with a competition, where students build and drive their robots in a game we design, while experiencing the energy and fun of competition.

Why You Should Give

Through RoboCamp, we can help the next generation of leaders in STEM find their passion. We believe RoboCamp provides a foundation in both science and creativity that helps campers to do amazing things, both in robotics and in life. Without your help, students miss out on this amazing opportunity because we can't afford to give scholarships, or to pay for supplies.


Fundraising Goal: $500

This fundraiser has concluded.

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