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All right people, so Project Open Education is a nonprofit that simply has an aim to develop education. More specifically, educate people. So, that's who we are. Yeah. And, I'm a fourth grader, and my name is Vijay Roy.

What I'm Raising Money For

We are raising money for our R&D stage, which is where we will develop and refine our technologies. It helps to tell you more about the idea, so, we will develop multiple cost-effective, asynchronus online schools with teachers on demand if needed, in high-need areas.

Why You Should Give

You should give because we are the only cost-effective AND effective solution to the educational crisis. We need education to make this world successful. Lack of education will create job shortages which hurts the economy which hurts us, and we will solve this problem, basically.

Project Open Education is not a 501c3 nonprofit, nor incorporated, and this is not classified as a chartiable solicitation.


Fundraising Goal: $25,000

This fundraiser has concluded.

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