Service Fundraising Ideas

Service Fundraiser Examples

  • Magnolia Project fundraiser Magnolia Project Raised $3,345
  • Jgy4d7eo1q0cbd5xol7k UCB Alternative Breaks Raised $71,918
  • 1. Tell your story.

    People give from the heart, not the head. Share why you care about your cause, and your supporters will too. Showcase your story with personal pictures. Make a video to demonstrate your passion to your donors.

  • 2. Remind and repeat.

    People are 80% more likely to donate after they receive a reminder to do so. So utilize email and social media to update your friends and family on your fundraising progress. Ask them to forward your cause onto their own friends too!.

  • 3. Offer custom sponsorship options to local businesses.

    In addition to putting their logo on your groups t-shirt, plant a tree or commit to a day of community service in honor of your top donor.

  • 4. Say thanks.

    After someone donates, say thank you on Facebook or Twitter, and tag his or her name. This will make your donors feel awesome, and encourage others to give..

I found PiggyBackr to be very convenient; a lot of fund raisers ask you to sell something like cookie dough, and when I would do this I would inevitably come across people who wanted to support the cause but didn't actually need whatever I was selling and would offer to write a check. Having PiggyBackr as an online platform to facilitate this made it much easier. - Aimee Alternative Breaks, Public Service Center at the University of California

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