Scout Fundraising

Scout Fundraising

Are you a boy scout, girl scout, brownie scout, or cub scout that needs to fundraise? Do you need clever ways to raise money other than boy scout popcorn fundraisers or girl scout cookie fundraisers? is a crowdfunding website for teams of all ages and experience levels. We’re the only fundraising tool that is instructional and safe for users of all ages. Set up an online fundraiser, raise money for your cause, and collect donations all in less than 5 minutes. Sign up for free.

See how scouts have raised more money for their projects in less time online!

Emilia Lawler, 8th Grade Girl Scout, Books in the barn Fundraiser Emilia, an 8th grader working toward her Silver Award for Girl Scouts, raised over 200% of her fundraising goal for “Books in the Barn.”

I. A few examples of successful scout fundraisers

II. What do scouts raise money for?

We’ve seen many scouts fundraising on Piggybackr for their trips and projects. Here are some other common things you might need to raise money for.

III. What makes Piggybackr perfect for Scouts?

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IV. What are some things scouts should consider when thinking about crowdfunding?

V. Examples of Scouts on Piggybackr

Eagle Project, Youth Hope, Boy Scout Fundraiser Jordan, a Boy Scout, raised $900 online for his Eagle Project

Jordan is a Boy Scout fundraising for his Eagle Project for Youth Hope. Youth Hope is a non-profit organization that helps at risk or homeless youth by providing trust, hope, support, and education.

With the picnic tables and booths overtaken by graffiti, dry rot, and peeling paint, Jordan wanted to replace and renovate the outdoor seating. He planned on asking for help from Troop 341 and volunteers to carry out this project.

With only 3 weeks to raise money, Jordan was able to raise $900 for his Eagle Project by himself.

Emilia Girl Scouts Fundraiser Emilia, a girl scout, raised 204% of her goal online

Emilia is an 8th grade student that was working towards her Silver Award for the Girl Scouts. She has teamed up with Books in the Barn, an organization that gives free books to children every month at Emilia’s own family farm, to raise money for the event.

Emilia needed to raise $750 for the cost of library bags, gift cards for the kids who organize the book drives, and new books that don’t get donated often. Instead of using tired girl scout fundraising ideas, she created an online fundraiser for her project.

In just 2 and a half weeks, Emilia raised more than $1500, 204% of her original goal.

VI. How to get started on Piggybackr

Whether you are an individual scout fundraising or a troop, here’s how you can get started.

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VII. Tips for running an online fundraiser

VIII. How does Piggybackr support Scouts?

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