School Fundraising Ideas

School Fundraiser Examples

  • High Tech Middle North County fundraiser High Tech Middle Raised $3,655
  • Q04b0v1zzcze3vlh82sx SEO Raised $175,192
  • 1. Get your whole school involved teachers, staff, parents, students, even sport coaches and neighbors.

    Incentivize fundraising with fun prizes and perks, like fundraising badges, a classroom pizza party, or double recess if the whole school reaches its fundraising goal.

  • 2. Start strong.

    Jumpstart your fundraiser by getting your Principal, Superintendent, or School Mascot involved. Seeing a local celebrity as part of the fundraiser will encourage others to join.

  • 3. Customize sponsorships.

    Utilize the resources of your PTA to reach out to local businesses. Offer unique sponsorship rewards, like hand written thank you cards from each class, an office visit from the school band, or a mural from the advanced art class.

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