Rugby Fundraising

Rugby Fundraising

Does your rugby team need more money for team uniforms, equipment, and travel fees? Are you looking for effective fundraising ideas that are quick and profitable? Learn how youth in all 50 states have used crowdfunding to raise money for their teams! is a crowdfunding website for teams of all ages and experience levels. We’re the only fundraising tool that is instructional and safe for users of all ages. Set up an online fundraiser, raise money for your cause, and collect donations all in less than 5 minutes. Sign up for free.

Lamorinda Rugby Club Fundraiser Lamorinda Rugby Club is raising money for a trip to England and Scotland

I. Examples

Here are some great rugby teams and other sports team fundraisers who have successfully raised money online:

II. What do rugby teams raise money for online?

We have seen rugby teams fundraise for a number of things on our site. Here are some of the common things you might need:

III. What type of fundraisers can rugby teams run?

  1. Product-based Fundraisers - Selling actual items to friends, families, and strangers, either in person (going door-to-door or setting up a stand) or on the internet. These are some of the most traditional rugby fundraisers and are pretty self-explanatory.

    • Candy bars
    • Cookie dough
    • Bake sales
    • Discount cards
    • Wreaths
    • Tupperware
    • Magazines
    • Scratch Cards
    • First aid kits
    • Gift wrap
  2. Service - Raise money by doing good deeds around your community

    • Run a rugby clinic for neighborhood youth to introduce them to the sport (make sure to get certified coaches and trainers)
    • Yard clean-up
    • Cleaning facilities, running concession stands, and ticket-taking at sports events
    • Car washes
    • Gift wrapping services
    • Dog washes
    • Bagging groceries at a grocery store
  3. Events - Hosting events to bring the community together to support you

    • Prom dress rugby game - men play rugby in prom dresses, women play in full tuxedos!
    • Benefit dinner
    • Casino nights
    • Silent Auction
    • Banquet
    • Restaurant dinner
  4. Sponsorship - getting support from local businesses in exchange for marketing and exposure. See our detailed guide to getting sponsors for sports teams and our example of sponsorship letter for sports team. Here are some of the things you can offer:

    • Banners at your field during game day, events, and tournaments.
    • Logo in your printed materials like game day fliers and programs
    • Logo on your team uniforms
  5. Crowdfunding - Create a simple webpage and ask friends, family, and local businesses to give online. Crowdfunding atheletes can use websites like the ones listed below:

    • Piggybackr
    • GoFundMe

V. What are the pros and cons of the different kinds of rugby fundraisers?

1. Product Fundraisers

Pros -

Cons -

2. Service Fundraisers

Pros -

Cons -

3. Events Fundraisers

Pros -

Cons -

4. Sponsorship

See our detailed guide here for more information and practical sponsorship ideas and our example of a sponsorship letter.

Pros -

Cons -

5. Crowdfunding

Looking for new sports team fundraising ideas? You might be interested in crowdfunding.

Norcal Crew Rowing Fundraiser Norcal Crew from California raised over $100,000 over two years for their sports team

Pros -

Cons -

V. What makes Piggybackr perfect for rugby teams and clubs?

1. We know teamwork is important, on and off the field

Piggybackr is optimized for team crowdfunding. Just like in a scrum, your entire team is more successful when you can move and act as a unit. Once your team leader sets up your team fundraising page, you can invite all your team members (as many as you want!) easily with just the click of a button. Team members can (optionally) customize their own personal fundraising pages with their own pictures, stories, and start spreading the word.

Fundraising Website for Rugby Teams

2. Appropriate for athletes of ALL ages and experience levels

Piggybackr is the ONLY youth sports fundraising site certified safe for kids under 13 years old (with their parent’s permission and full visibility, of course). Piggybackr has been designed from the ground up to instruct and empower users of all ages and experience levels. We guide you each step of the way from setting up your page, to running your fundraiser, and even after your campaign is over.

2. Track your team members’ effort and progress

We make it easy to manage and track all your team members. Offer a prize to the team member who sends out the most emails to motivate them, and poke members who might be falling behind. Keep things fun and competitive to build your team spirit.

Fundraising Leaderboard

3. Get more time for practice and off-season training

On your rugby team, your first job is to be the coach or an athlete. We’ve streamlined the fundraising process to get you up and running as quickly as possible so you can get back in the gym or on the field. We’ve also built all our fundraising lessons right into our product (with our smart notifications, reminders, and TODO lists) to guide you through every step of the way. We believe that funding sports shouldn’t be harder than it is.

Piggybackr Dashboard

4. No Selling Necessary

No need to bring out the candy bars and popcorn when fundraising on Piggybackr. Instead, we make it easy for you to offer sponsorship perks that your donors will love but won’t break your bank. In fact, we have a lot of great sports team sponsorship ideas built right into our tool.

Piggybackr sponsorship perks

VI. How do I get started with a rugby fundraiser on Piggybackr?

It’s easy! Just follow these 4 simple steps

1. Set up your team page

Click here to sign up, upload a picture, (optionally) add a video, and answer a few quick questions about your team. It will only take five minutes!

Sign Up Now

2. Invite your team

You can copy and paste the emails of your entire team and send them all an invite with the click of a button. Once your team members sign up, their personal fundraising pages will already be filled out for them, but they can customize them with their own pictures and words if they want. The more people you invite, the larger your reach and fundraising potential!

3. Spread the word

Piggybackr Email Window

People will only know about your fundraiser if you tell them about it. We have found that personal, direct emails is one of the best ways to reach people, and we recommend that each team member sends 30-40 emails, as well as posts on social media.

You can also customize our hand out fliers to local businesses. Download our customizable sponsorship flier here

Piggybackr sponsorship flier

4. Keep your donors up to date and show your appreciation

Piggybackr Update Window

Remember, your supporters are your fans. They want to know how your fundraiser is going and how your team is progressing. Let them know when you make it to the tournament, or when you buy your new rugby balls. Piggybackr makes this easy with its update function. You can easily post an update to your site, and/or send it out to donors and potential donors. You can also reward them for their generosity with small, but meaningful, perks that won’t cost you too much to fulfill, like a shout out on Facebook, a thank you letter, or an autographed picture of the team.

Piggybackr has an option to set sponsorship perks for donors right on your fundraising page. You’ll be able to keep track of what each donor gets and fulfill their gifts.

Piggybackr sponsorship levels

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