Rowing & Crew Team Fundraising

Rowing & Crew Team Fundraising

Online fundraising ideas and tips that work for your erg-a-thon, donation letter writing campaign, or annual capital campaign.

Are you a rowing team looking for online fundraising ideas?

See how top rowing clubs, National Championship teams, and youth crew programs across the country like the Oakland Strokes, West Potomac Crew, Chattanooga Junior Rowing, Twin Cities Rowing, Rochester Rowing, and Marin Rowing have used Piggybackr’s easy online fundraising websites and tools to raise more funds. is a crowdfunding website for teams of all ages and experience levels. We’re the only fundraising tool that is instructional and safe for users of all ages. Set up an online fundraiser, raise money for your cause, and collect donations all in less than 5 minutes. Sign up for free.

New to crowdfunding? Here are some fundraising tips to help your rowing team get started.

I. What do rowing teams raise money for online?

II. What are examples of successful rowing teams fundraisers?

III. 4 Fundraising Tips for your rowing fundraiser

  1. Split your club into different fundraising teams to add an element of competition. That means each team should set up their own team donation page and fundraising goal. Varsity girls vs varsity boys, novice girls vs novice boys – see which team raises the most money.
  2. Offer a prize to the top fundraiser and top effort point earners! Ideas for fundraising prizes include a getting a free pass from practice, getting first choice for seats on the bus, or even having a boat named after them.
  3. Bring a laptop to practice the day the fundraiser launches so everyone can set up and send their emails on the spot.
  4. Announce the status of each team each week at practice. Using our weekly digests and team roster, you can see who is doing well and who is not!

IV. How does it work exactly?

Your fundraiser chair or team leader sets up an online team donation page in less than 5 minutes. The page can be customized with a unique fundraising goal, fundraising thermometer, time deadline, and different donation and sponsorship levels. Teams get an unlimited number of donation pages for each team member participating. Collect donations online, post on social media, and learn how to fundraise by using our tools – from sample donation letters, sample donation thank you letters, to fundraising instructions and timeline. We’ve got you covered!

V. Can we use Piggybackr for our annual donation letter writing campaign? How does that work?

Yes, some of our most successful team fundraisers have used Piggybackr to run online letter writing campaigns. Instead of mailing out thousands of letters by hand, rowers can now email their friends, family, and local businesses, create personal donation pages, and collect donations online. We even provide your rowers with online donation letter templates!

3 Reasons to run your letter campaign online

  1. It’s easy! No more tedious paperwork.
  2. Reach out to supporters several times through email and social media, rather than waiting for them to open your letter.
  3. Collect donations in real-time. You don’t need to wait for checks to roll in the mail anymore.

How it works – (it takes less than 10 minutes per team member).

Team Members can:
Team Leaders can:
Other real-time benefits include:

VI. What makes Piggybackr perfect for rowing teams and clubs?

1. Rowing requires Teamwork

We’re designed for teams big and small – 5, 10, 100+! We know your teams range in size. Piggybackr allows you to easily manage, track, and add an unlimited number of team members. All members can participate in the fundraiser by having a personal donation page, personal funding goals, and instructions on how to be successful at fundraising.

2. Rowing requires serious money. Exceed Goals of Any Size.

We know you have some serious money to raise. Boats and rentals are all expensive. From $2,000 to $100,000, we have the plans and product features designed to help your team. See more here:

3. Rowing is Hard Work. Track Effort & Progress.

It’s not just raising the most money, but also putting in the effort too. Piggybackr helps you track things like effort, # of emails sent, and even effort level. We try to keep it fun and competitive. Users can see how they stack up against everyone else on the team.

Fundraising Leaderboard

4. Rowing takes Time. We’re Designed for the busy athlete and team leader.

We know your main job is to be a coach or athlete. So we try to make the fundraising part as easy as possible. We’re here to remind you what to do and when to do it so you don’t have to think about it.

We have email templates, TO-DO lists, email tips, sample phone scripts, and even allow businesses to upload their logos onto your pages.

VI. How long should an online fundraiser last?

We recommend that your online fundraiser run for 4-6 weeks. This gives both your fundraisers and donors more urgency to give. Anything longer may cause fundraising fatigue or burnout!

What we recommend is that you as a team leader set up the team donation page and then ask athletes to create their pages and input emails at practice on a spare laptop. Setting up should take no more than 5 minutes per member.

VII. How do we tie the fundraiser to your erg-a-thon?

Most teams launch their Piggybackr online fundraiser about 4-6 weeks before their erg-a-thon. The fundraiser ends right before the erg-a-thon! Some teams get creative and pledge to row a certain number of miles based on how much they raise.

VIII. What are rowers selling or fundraising with?

Rowers do not sell anything. They ask for donations online by sending donation emails but, as a team, you can also offer different sponsorship incentives to encourage and thank supporters.

Erg-a-thon Sponsorship Level

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