Robotics Fundraising Ideas

Robotics Fundraiser Examples

  • FRC Team 980 ThunderBots fundraiser The Thunderbots Raised $7,510
  • FRC Team 1538, The Holy Cows fundraiser The Holy Cows Raised $3,075
  • 1. Teams raise more together.

    Get them ready for build season by incentivize fundraising amongst your entire team. Offer fun prizes and perks, like naming your team's next robot.

  • 2. Use tech to remind and repeat.

    Technology isn't just for robots, it's powerful for fundraising as well! Utilize email, social media, mobile photos, and videos to update your team's families and fans to give. People are 80% more likely to donate after they receive a reminder to do so.

  • 3. Customize sponsorships.

    You've put sponsor logos on your robot or t-shirts, but what about more personal perks for your local business sponsors? Commit to a day of community service in their honor, save them front row seats at your next competition, or bring your robot to their workplace.

  • 4. Always engage.

    Most donations come in the first and last day of a fundraising campaign. To keep people engaged in the middle of your campaign, make a video of your latest robotic triumph, and only show it to those who donated.

Without Piggybackr we would not have raised the funds to complete the robot and compete. The website made fundraising fast, easy, effective and downright fun. - Emma Dumont FRC Team 980, The Thunderbots


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