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I'm raising money for the Powerhouse National 2023 fundraiser led by Powerhouse Basketball of Park Ridge, IL


Powerhouse Basketball is a youth Basketball Program in Illinois. Our main goal is to prepare each player for 4 years of High School varsity basketball and beyond.

What I'm Raising Money For

We are raising money to send our girls to the world youth Tournament and to nationals. We have been invited to both, which is a huge honor. The money will help us with lodging and to buy equipment and gear for the players on the team and in the program.

Why You Should Give

Why would a sponsor mean so much to this team? To show these girls one of the many ways that their sweat and tears, and yes, sometimes blood too, pays off. To show these girls that when you work hard enough, you are sometimes rewarded. To show these girls that in order to be given something, anything worth while, one must earn it. To show these girls that with hard work, preparation, and a little luck, that anything is possible.




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Sponsorship Levels

  • Give $10K - Gold Sponsor

  • Give $1000 - Silver Sponsor

  • Give $300 - Bronze Sponsor

  • Give $50 - Family Partner

  • Give $25 - Friend Level

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