Non-profit Fundraising Ideas

Non-profit Fundraiser Examples

  • Chabot Galaxy Explorers fundraiser Chabot Galaxy Explorers Raised $10,687
  • Service Dogs fundraiser Service Dogs Raised $6,500
  • 1. Exponentially amplify your cause.

    With a peer-to-peer fundraising campaign, you empower your nonprofits greatest champions to reach out to their own friends and family about your cause. Peer-to-peer fundraising is a great opportunity to get everyone involved your staff, your volunteers, your board, and your families.

  • 2. Share your stories.

    People give from the heart, not the head. The more your members share why they care about your cause (along with personal photos, videos, and stories), the more people your campaign will touch.

  • 3. Remind and repeat.

    Marketing wisdom tell us that on average someone must see something 7 times before they act on it. Utilize the power of email and social media (Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn too) to remind your community of your campaignat least 7 times! And encourage your members to do the same amongst their friends and family.

  • 4. Add a dose of friendly competition.

    Incentivize fundraising by offering fun prizes and perks. Award a MVV (Most-Valuable-Volunteer) trophy at your next event, surprise your top fundraiser with a bouquet of flowers or cookies, or offer a reward only your staff can offer.

We fundraised on PiggyBackr and we love your site. This fundraiser was easier and it was fun to earn points as a team and put out rewards. I learned how to reach out to local businesses and use real life events along with online fundraising to make money. This taught me how to make a persuasive argument while keeping it fun - Alice The SPARK Movement

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