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I'm raising money for the Cold Fire Youth Basketball Club fundraiser led by NICKOLAS PATTERSON of Topeka, KS


Cold Fire Youth Basketball Club is an organization whose mission is to help at-risk youth from low-income environments, stay involved in a positive, integrity building group, and win tournaments, fostering confidence in themselves, and help to see a future in college for themselves through basketball.

What I'm Raising Money For

Uniform packs, practice facility rental, and tournament fees for 4 months, during the late spring and complete summer.

Why You Should Give

The children who most need guidance from experienced coaches, an organization to belong to, and a team to feel proud of, are usually the ones whose parents cannot afford to participate. As a society, we always have questions about a crime, or a misfortune...

We seek to find a moment when a child turns to bad decision-making, "what happened to them, and how can we avoid it?"
This is how.


Fundraising Goal: $3,200

This fundraiser will end in 16 days on February 1st, 2018
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