Medical Expense Fundraising Ideas

Medical Expense Fundraiser Examples

  • Nevaeh fundraiser Help Neveah Fight Cancer Raised $14,325
  • a medical treatment to help me walk fundraiser Help Dani Walk Raised $5,360
  • 1. People give from the heart, not the head.

    Share your story along with personal photos and videos, and your supporters will jump at the change to help.

  • 2. Remind and repeat.

    People are 80% more likely to donate after they receive a reminder to do so. So utilize email and social media to update your friends and family on your fundraising progress. Ask them to forward your cause onto their own friends and family too!.

  • 3. Start strong.

    Kickoff your fundraising campaign with donations from your closest friends and family. This will validate your campaign to those that dont know you as well. Plus the higher your first donations are, the higher the rest will be.

  • 4. Say thanks.

    After someone donates, say thank you on Facebook or Twitter, and tag his or her name. This will make your donors feel awesome, and encourage others to give..

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