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We're raising money for the AISU Mechanical Dragons (Team 5974) fundraiser led by Mechanical Dragons of Salt Lake City, UT


The AISU Mechanical Dragons (5974) is a competitive robotics team from Murray, UT. Last competition we competed against 48 other teams to win by teaming up with two other teams and their robots to do various tasks on a field, much like any other sport.

What I'm Raising Money For

This money is needed to fund our whole team, robot, and register for events. We need $2500 to register for each event we go to, $2000+ for high quality materials, new tools for $750+, travel expenses for each event we go to is $750, and we need $500 for apparel.

Why You Should Give

Imagine a room full of geniuses and future geniuses working hard to build a robot that plays soccer and basketball at the same time. Imagine how awesome it is when you see it and it works beautifully. This is essentially what we do. Say we don't have the materials because they are too expensive or that we are not allowed to show off our robot because we didn't have enough money to get to the competition. All of a sudden that beautiful robot doesn't happen. Now you know why we want your money.


Fundraising Goal: $10,000

This fundraiser has concluded.

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Sponsorship Levels

  • Give $10K - Gold Sponsor

  • Give $1000 - Silver Sponsor

  • Give $300 - Bronze Sponsor

  • Give $50 - Family Partner

  • Give $25 - Friend Level

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