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I'm raising money for the Help Max fundraiser led by Julia Morse of Monrovia, CA


My friend Max is in Pulaski State Prison in Georgia. Here's a statement from her:

"Hi, my name is Maxine Echols. I am currently incarcerated at Pulaski State Prison. I am a well educated african american woman. please do not judge me because of my past. My past does not determine who i am as an individual. My past does not depict my character. I have been incarcerated for seventeen years. It has been hard maintaining under certain circumstances. I have basically no family, and I am financially unstable. I have to provide for myself by doing little odd jobs throughout the prison. The state penal system does not provide lunch courses Friday through Sunday. On these particular days, inmates such as myself shall provide their own food. The temperature is above reasonable, and I have no way to cool off. It is continuously rising with the passing days. I have no way to get personal supplies such as deodorant, lotion, soap. The state does not even provide us with these basic hygiene items. If you have no support system within these walls, you are left in a detrimental state and forgotten. I am asking for donations to support my cause from generous donors who truly care to make a difference one small step at a time."

What I'm Raising Money For

Max has sent me the price list from the commissary so I could see what she was dealing with; they charge high rates even for essentials like pads, soap and deodorant (not to mention food Friday through Sunday) and Max has often been unable to afford these things without help even though she works as much as she can.

Why You Should Give

Over the three years I've known Max her family has almost completely lost touch with her, and the shuffling of prisoners through the system has made it nearly impossible for her to keep the friends she makes. Those of us who have never been incarcerated can never really know what she's going through, but I hope that with your help, I can provide her with a little comfort.

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This fundraiser will end in 231 days on July 8th, 2018
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