How it Works

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Bring Your Fundraiser to Life

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    Public blog posts update supporters on your fundraiser’s progress.

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    Team members earn points and badges for fundraising activity.

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    No product selling required. Offer donors unique sponsorship perks.

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    Dynamic task list walks team members through the fundraising process.

Step-by-step Instruction So Everyone Fundraises Right

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    Time based priority tasks delivered to everyone's dashboard

  • Feature-team

    Team dynamics to motivate and recognize effort

Powerful Tools to Mobilize Your Team

Send text and email updates to team members.


Foster friendly competition with activity rankings.

Easy Access to Donor Data

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Capture everyone's contacts in one place. Easily message, update, thank, and track prospective donors, donors, and business sponsors.

Sounds easy, right? Give it a try. Get Started Free

Are you organizing a fundraiser? Here's what you need to do.

Sounds easy, right? Give it a try. Get Started