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I'm raising money for the my People to People's Japan trip fundraiser led by Erin of Coatesville, PA


I've been accepted into the People to People "Land of the Rising Sun" program to Japan. It's been my dream to travel as many places as possible in my life; this is literally a dream come true! Japan is amazing- the scenery and culture, but as you might imagine such a trip is quite expensive. I have to raise $7,000 by myself. If you gave me ten dollars it would be a huge help, I really need it!

What I'm Raising Money For

During my trip I'll be going all over Japan, including climbing Mt. Fuji, going to Tokyo, learning traditional arts like calligraphy and a tea ceremony, and creating anime. My group will be going to Hiroshima, and making paper cranes to commemorate the lives lost. This trip will show us the evil of people to the good- when we live with a Japanese family in the 3-day home stay.

Why You Should Give

People to People was started by a war general, but that war general believed in peace. He thought the only way to have peace was to meet other people, share ideas, understand cultures, become connected and join hands as a human race, not different countries. That general was President Eisenhower, and wow, it has taken off from there. It isn't about me, it's about all the people I'll teach my culture to, and all the people who will teach me their culture in return. You'd really be donating for world peace by re-integrating cultural awareness into every new generation. (Plus it's Japan :3)


Fundraising Goal: $7,000

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