Online Letter Campaigns

Online Letter Campaigns

Easy online donation letter campaign software to make your team’s letter writing campaign a success!

Looking to bring your annual donation letter writing campaign online? Looking for a tool that has easy to use online donation letter templates or sample personal donation requests and also makes it easy to send donors thank you letters?

See how thousands of teams fundraising across the nation from sports teams, marching bands, to nonprofits have used Piggybackr’s online website to raise more money in less time! is a crowdfunding website for teams of all ages and experience levels. We’re the only fundraising tool that is instructional and safe for users of all ages. Set up an online fundraiser, raise money for your cause, and collect donations all in less than 5 minutes. Sign up for free.

Here are some tips to bring your donation letter writing campaign online.

I. What are the pros and cons of bringing our annual letter writing campaign online?

Pros of Online letter campaigns

  1. It’s easier! It reduces paperwork and time spent writing letters, acquiring mailing addresses, and cashing checks.
  2. Believe or not, most people these days prefer giving online. Things get lost in the mail.
  3. Most people these days also prefer asking for donations online. Social media and email also make it easier for you to send reminders.
  4. It’s real-time. You no longer has to patiently wait for checks to roll in the mail.

Cons of Online Letter Campaigns

  1. Organizations are nervous to embrace new technology. It’s scary to let go of your direct donation mail solicitations because they’ve worked for so many years. We suggest you try the online campaign first and if it falls short, you can still always send out letters as double duty.
  2. Not everyone feels comfortable giving donations or monetary gifts online. Older donors in particular aren’t comfortable giving out their email address or donating by credit card. However, the number of donors we see like this is steadily decreasing. We also allow fundraisers to input money they’ve raised from offline checks.

II. How does having an online letter drive work? Who writes the letters?

How it works – (it takes less than 10 minutes per team member).

Your fundraiser chair sets up your team’s Piggybackr online donation page all in less than 5 minutes. The page is easily customized with a unique funding goal, team picture, fundraising thermometer, deadline, and different giving levels.

Each of your participants gets a personal donation webpage with a unique picture, fundraising thermometer, and story. We help you learn how to fundraise by using our tools – from sample donation letters, sample donation thank you letters, to motivational tips delivered at the right time.

Team Members can:
Team Leaders can:
Other real-time benefits include:

III. What are some examples of successful online letter campaign drives?

Oakland Strokes moved their letter campaign online in 2012 and has raised over $150,000 since. It’s been more fun, easier, and more engaging for everyone involved!

IV. How long should the online letter campaign last?

We recommend that your donation letter drive run for 6-8 weeks. This gives both your fundraisers and donors a definite time line and more urgency to give or ask. Anything longer will likely cause fundraising fatigue or burnout!

V. 3 reasons Piggybackr is great for online donation campaigns

1. Easy instructions for all participants

Now you don’t have to coordinate a full day where your team members write letters. You also don’t have to ask them to bring in the names and mailing addresses of 15-30 people. All you have to do is send team members an invite to join Piggybackr. From there, team members are prompted to create a page, input email addresses, and collect donations!

2. Track how many emails are sent

Now that everyone can fundraise from the comfort of their homes, we also make it easy for you track their progress from your computer. You can easily see which team members have created their personal pages, and even how many emails they’ve sent. You can even prompt members to send reminder emails, thank you emails, or post updates to their donors throughout the campaign.

3. Send Reminders to Everyone

We try to make it easy for you to manage the fundraiser. During the course of the campaign you can not only send email reminders to your team members about important dates, but you can also message your team member’s donors, and even potential donors!

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