Crew Team Fundraising Ideas

Crew Team Fundraiser Examples

  • Sxyiwjwxe5cprfo6mrst The Oakland Strokes Raised $292,522
  • Norcal Crew fundraiser Norcal Crew Raised $45,582
  • 1. Hold an Erg-a-thon (or even a virtual Erg-a-thon)!

    Regardless of the event logistics, the key is to involve all your rowers and hold them accountable to a fundraising goal.

  • 2. Remind and repeat.

    Take your letter writing and call campaign to the next level with email and social media outreach. People are 80% more likely to donate after they receive a reminder to do so, so use emails and social media to update your supporters on your fundraising campaign.

  • 3. Teams raise more together, especially when theres a bit of friendly competition.

    Incentivize fundraising amongst your rowers, parents, coaching staff, and your fundraising committee. Offer fun prizes and perks, like naming the teams next boat.

Piggybackr allowed us to exceed our fundraising total from our prior year's letter writing campaign! - Adam Thacher Oakland Strokes Fundraising Committee

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