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We're raising money for the FRC Team 2093 The Bowtie Brigade fundraiser led by Kristina Landen of Portland, OR


We are the FRC Team 2093 The Bowtie Brigade, a student-run, community robotics team centralized in Portland, Oregon. Our motto is “To recognize, to embrace, and to educate.” As a team, we strive to provide the best robotics experience to all of our students by empowering them by letting them make decisions and letting them learn from their mistakes and the mistakes of others.

What I'm Raising Money For

We are raising funds so that we can construct an articulate robot and travel to out-of-state regional competitions and qualify for the world competition in St. Louis. The money raised will go towards the purchase of raw materials, spare parts, fundraising and marketing materials, and electrical supplies along with a portion of lodging fees for when we travel out of state.

Why You Should Give

We believe that robotics matters because it allows students to openly express themselves and feel comfortable in an environment where everyone else shares their passions. Robotics also allows students who enjoy math, science, and engineering to embrace it, and expand their knowledge on the topics. By donating you are fueling these great minds and creating a brighter future.


Fundraising Goal: $10,000

This fundraiser has concluded.

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Effort Points Skill Level 2

Sponsorship Levels

  • Give $1000 - The Robot's Brain Sponsor




    A Day of Volunteer

    If you donate $1,000 or more to our team, you will receive a plaque thanking you for your company's generous contribution and our team will donate a day of our time volunteering at any charity either based in or that has a branch, in or near Portland, OR.

  • Give $600 - Electronics Sponsor


    Logo on Website


    Logo on Banner


    Logo on Robot

    If you donate $600 or more to our team, your company's logo will be placed on our website and Piggybackr page, our banner, and our robot.

  • Give $300 - Battery Sponsor


    A Surprise Gift


    Listed on T-Shirt

    If you donate $300 to our team, you will receive a surprise gift and your name or your company's name will be listed on our team uniforms.

  • Give $50 - Wires and Tubing Level


    A Nice Photo


    Listed on Website


    Email Update

    If you donate $50 or more to our team, you will receive a team photo, email updates throughout the season on our progress, and your name or your company's name will be put on our website.

  • Give $25 - Fastener Level


    A Big Thank You




    Shoutout on FB

    If you donate $10 or more to our team, you will receive a sticker and thank you card in the mail, along with a shout out on Facebook.

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