Basketball Team Fundraising

Basketball Team Fundraising

Are you a basketball team that needs to fundraise this upcoming season? Are you organizing a 3-on-3 basketball tournament fundraiser? We can help! is a crowdfunding website for teams of all ages and experience levels. We’re the only fundraising tool that is instructional and safe for users of all ages. Set up an online fundraiser, raise money for your cause, and collect donations all in less than 5 minutes. Sign up for free.

Whether you’re part of D1, Amateur Athletic Union (AAU), or just a local youth team, we have some easy basketball fundraising ideas for you.

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I. What do basketball teams typically need to fundraise for?

Fundraising for MS442's Basketball Team MS 442’s basketball team raised money for team uniforms

You need the best equipment to stay competitive. And chances are, if you’re a killer team, you’ll be playing in tournaments and youth basketball competitions across the country.

We’ve successful basketball fundraising campaigns for:

*(Tournament Organizers like MAYB, Basketbull, and USBA Hoops charge different fees and may have scholarships available)

II. A few example successful basketball crowdfunding projects

III. What type of fundraisers can basketball teams run?

Product fundraisers - Selling items like ones listed below either by selling to friends and family, or going door-to-door to homes and local businesses

Service and event fundraisers - Offering a service to the local neighborhood or holding events that engage your community

Online fundraisers - Fundraising by asking friends, family, and local businesses online by using crowdfunding websites like the ones listed below. * Piggybackr * GoFundMe

IV. What are the pros and cons of each type of fundraiser?

Product Fundraisers:

Pros -

Cons -

Service and Event Fundraisers:

Pros -

Cons -

Online Fundraisers:

CCNY Basketball Fundraiser on Piggybackr

Pros -

Cons -

V. How do you run a basketball fundraiser?

D1 Shooter Youth Basketball Club D1 Shooter Youth Basketball Club mobilized their team to raise more than $9,000

Assign a leader

Every fundraiser needs a leader for their team to make sure everyone is on track and working together to raise money to go to that basketball tournament. The leader doesn’t have to be the coach, they just have to be able to motivate the players throughout the campaign.

Get your team involved

Have everyone on your team be part of your fundraiser, whether you are selling cookie dough, doing car washes, or running an online crowdfunding campaign. Get all the basketball players, coaches, and assistant coaches involved. Make sure everyone participates and works as a team to reach the goal.

D1 Shooter Youth Basketball Club invited their team of 11 players to fundraise together and were able to raise more than $9,000 to keep their club running.

Promote your fundraiser

BORP Basketball Team Bay Area Outreach and Recreation Program (BORP) Basketball and Piedmont High Men’s Basketball team
sent more than 700 emails and successfully raised money for their tournament on Piggybackr.

No one is going to know about your fundraiser unless you tell them, so spread the word about your car wash for a new basketball court by sending emails or on social media like Facebook, Twitter, and even Pinterest.

On Piggybackr, we have seen that sending personalized emails is one of the best ways to drive donations. Send out 30-40 emails letting everyone know about your fundraiser. We make it easy to promote a fundraiser by uploading contacts and sending them emails with a click of a button.

Motivate your team

Have prizes for your team to keep them motivated to fundraise. For example, the player that sells the most candy bars gets a free pass to one warm up drill.

Piggybackr has a function that makes it easy to track how much effort a player is putting towards the fundraiser. It’s a great tool to make sure the team is doing everything they can to make the fundraiser successful.

Show your appreciation

Remember to thank your supporters for helping you and your team get to that huge National Junior Basketball (NJB) tournament, or for keeping the program running with their donations.

With product and service fundraisers, the donors get some sweets or a clean car, but remember to show appreciation to supporters that donate via the internet if you are running an online fundraiser.

Offer small gifts that don’t cost much, so you can keep more of what your raised, but will make your donors feel good, like a shout out on Facebook or an autographed picture of the team.

On Piggybackr, we make it really easy to choose sponsorship perks and have a lot of good suggestions built in to our tool.

Piggybackr sponsorship perks

Keep Your Donors Up to Date

Your donors want to know how you did. They’re your fans so keep them updated if you won 1st place at the Mr. Basketball & Miss Basketball tournament or how the scrimmage went last week.

Remember to let them know how the team and fundraiser are doing! If there are only a few days left in the fundraiser, send them reminder emails.

VI. What type of fundraiser is best for my youth basketball team?

Whether you are wondering how to organize a basketball tournament fundraiser, a silent auction event, or a community dog wash, there are so many types of fundraisers available that it may be hard to pick the right one.

Product and service fundraisers might be right for you and your team if:

Online fundraisers work best for you and your team if:

Piggybackr is an online crowdfunding website that is built to make it easy for basketball teams to fundraise together. After a team leader sets up a main page, each team member can customize their own page with their picture and story in just two minutes.

If the following applies to you, then your basketball team is ready to bring your fundraiser online:

Best of all, it’s safe for all ages! Even kids under 13 are able to create a fundraising page (with their parent’s permission).

VII. How do I get started fundraising on Piggybackr?

Getting your page started is easy with these 4 quick steps:

  1. Assign a person to be in charge of the fundraiser - whether it’s a parent, coach, or team captain. This person will be the team leader of the fundraiser. They will be able to see how each team member is doing and make sure they are contributing to the overall effort.

  2. Set up your page - (it only takes five minutes). Your team leader will fill out their page with a brief description, what they are raising money for (for example a 3-on-3 tournament, new basketball court, or new jerseys), and the deadline (we suggest 4-6 weeks).

  3. Invite your team - Fundraising is more effective when you involve the entire team, so invite all the athletes, coaches, or parents to help fundraise! Just enter in the emails of your team members and an invitation will be sent to them. Or, use our basketball fundraiser flyer template, with step-by-step instructions to join Piggybackr, and pass it out to your team.

  4. Promote your page - Have the team send out emails to friends, family, local businesses, and watch the donations roll in. Post the fundraiser on social media and have your friends and followers support the team.

VIII. What are some successful basketball fundraisers on Piggybackr?

D1 Shooters Fundraiser on Piggybackr

The D1 Shooters Youth Basketball Club is a non-profit, charitable organization that develops basketball skills for both boys and girls for all ages in the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex.

With just 11 players taking part in their fundraiser, they were able to raise more than $9,000 in one month (for equipment, tournament, and travel expenses) and keep their club running. Every player on the team contributed to make this fundraiser a success by asking their friends and family, and even local businesses, for support.

CCNY Basketball Team

City College New York Women’s Basketball team created a fundraiser on Piggybackr to raise money for new equipment and to update the equipment they already have. They were also raising money for tournament and traveling expenses.

With 20 team members reaching out to their closest supporters, they were able to raise almost $2,500.

BORP and Piedmont High Fundraiser on Piggybackr

Bay Area Outreach and Recreation Program and Piedmont High teamed up to raise money for their 3-on-3 Wheelchair Basketball Tournament. With 12 teams and 36 team members, they were able to raise over $10,000 for their tournament.

BORP has helped many people with physical disabilities participate in sports. They’ve used Piggybackr for the past two years in a row, for their annual 3-on-3 basketball tournament fundraiser.

IX. What makes Piggybackr perfect for basketball teams?

1. There’s no I in TEAM!

On the court, you need to work as a team to win the game - the same is true off the court too. Fundraisers make the most money when you have the entire team working together.

On Piggybackr, you can easily contact your team members and see how they are doing. You’ll be able to see how much effort each team member is putting into the fundraiser and how many emails they have sent out to potential donors. If someone is falling behind, poke them and motivate them to keep their head in the game or they will be running Suicides at practice.

Piggybackr effort points

2. It’s easy to promote your page

Your team can easily promote your fundraiser page by uploading their contacts and emailing them with just the click of a button! Use our built-in email template or write your own and send those 30-40 emails in just a few seconds to spread the word about your team’s story and why they need a new basketball court.

Piggybackr fundraising letter template

3. Keeping your donors in the loop is a snap

Easily let your supporters know how your tournament went or how you’re enjoying your brand new basketball court by posting an update on your fundraiser page.

4. More time for practice

Instead of going door-to-door selling candy bars or getting your feet wet washing cars, just set up your page and send out emails, and the donations will roll in while you’re at practice working on your defense.

The average donor on Piggybackr donates $86! Think of the time saved compared to having to sell 86 candy bars.

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