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I'm raising money for the a trip to Australia and New Zealand fundraiser led by Aleesa Kebberly of Brunswick, OH


My name is Aleesa Kebberly. I am fifteen years old and I go to Brunswick High School in Brunswick Ohio. I hope to eventually begin a career in journalistic/creative writing or photography and I have always dreamed of traveling to Australia! A trip like this would be an amazing experience and a jump start on a healthy career path.

What I'm Raising Money For

Earning a Trip to Australia and New Zealand

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I am earning money for a trip to Australia and New Zealand because I intend on broadening my horizons and becoming a student ambassador. I hope to go into a writing or photography career, and I believe that gaining a better understanding of the world will better allow me to accomplish this goal. While in Australia and New Zealand, I hope to gain a great amount of knowledge of the culture and hopefully apply it to my own life in some ways.




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