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I'm raising money for the the Lansing Robotics Team fundraiser led by Aaron Segal of Lansing, NY


The Lansing Robotics Team is a highly competitive organization that attends large events on a monthly basis. This year, it's been confirmed that our team will be among the select few going to states, which we got to the finals of in the 2015-2016 season.

What I'm Raising Money For

Parts for our robots are very expensive, which in turn gives us a competitive advantage to win our events. Along with this, there is a steep entrance fee for competitions, and when we get to states or beyond, a lodging cost, as the events are out of the area.

Why You Should Give

These competitions are attended by upwards of one thousand people, and the statewide games have an even larger crowd. Your logo could be present on a robot, at as many as ten different competitions, in front of a thousand people, all of whom are well-oriented with modern technology. This can help private businesses, websites, and even educational institutions.


Fundraising Goal: $10,000

This fundraiser has concluded.

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Sponsorship Levels

  • Give $2000 - Platinum Sponsor

    With this sponsorship, your logo is placed, full size, on our robot and booth, front and center, at every competition. Our uniforms will be branded with your logo, and a link to your website will be placed in our newsletter. Your logo will appear at the top of our table as well, along with a personalized message of your choosing.

  • Give $1000 - Gold Sponsor

    With this sponsorship, your logo is placed on the side of the robot, and among the larger logos on the uniforms, at every competition. Your name will appear on our table, and your name will be listed in our newsletter.

  • Give $500 - Silver Sponsor

    With this sponsorship, you can choose between getting a small logo on the robot at every competition, or being among one of the larger names on our uniforms. Your name will also be present on the tables, and listed in the newsletter.

  • Give $250 - Bronze Sponsor

    With this sponsorship, your logo will be placed on the uniforms, in the smaller section, and listed on the tables at every competition. Your name will be listed in the newspaper.

  • Give $100 - Business Sponsor

    With this sponsorship, your name will be listed in our tables at every competition and placed in the newsletter.

  • Give $50 - Personal Sponsor

    With this sponsorship, you'll have your name listed in the "Thanks To" section.

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